How to Call Australia From the U.S.

Placing international phone calls can seem daunting, but nowadays there are numerous ways to make them. Calling Australia from the U.S. is a bit different from placing a continental call. If you want to know how to call Australia, below are some of the best ways to do just that.

Know the Country Codes

To dial Australia, you will need to use the Australia country code. You will also need to know the United States exit code. It is helpful to know the United States country code as well, in case someone from Australia wants to return your call. The two America codes are necessary if you plan to both place and receive calls. These numbers are easy to remember and vital in letting the phone network know that you are placing an Australia phone call.

Country codes are prefixes added to phone numbers for countries that are members of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Using these numerical prefixes allows international direct dialing between members of these countries.

The Australia country code is 61 and the United States country code is 1.

Calling Australia — Landlines

Each Australian city has its own unique city code. You will need this to call any landline phones. A simple Google search will allow you to find the right code. Once you have this code, begin dialing. You will need both of the America codes to complete the process. First, enter the American exit code, 011. This will begin the call. Second, enter the Australia area code from the U.S., 61. This directs your phone call to Australia. (If a phone number begins with a 0, leave it out. This is known as a trunk code and is unnecessary for calling Australia from the U.S.)

Next, enter the number to place an Australia phone call. Australian phone numbers are nine digits long. Make sure to include the city code before you enter the phone number you want to reach.

As an example, if you want to call a phone in Sydney, Australia: enter 011 (the exit code), 61 (the Australia country code), the city number (Sydney’s is 2), and then the nine-digit Australian phone number.

Calling Australia — Cell Phones

Making a call to an Australian mobile phone is quite similar to calling a landline. Begin by dialing the U.S. exit code, 011. Next, dial the Australia country code, 61. Instead of a city code, follow the Australia country code by dialing 4, which lets the system know you are dialing a mobile phone.

Finally, enter the mobile phone number you are trying to reach. Just as is the case in dialing a landline, ignore a 0 if it is at the beginning of the phone number. This is a trunk code and is unnecessary for international calls. Altogether, you should be dialing 011-61-4 before entering the cell number you wish to reach.

Using the Internet

The Internet is becoming an increasingly popular way to place international calls. There are numerous affordable subscription services that enable calling Australia. If you need to regularly dial Australia, these services may be worth it. They can often be cheaper than placing international calls through traditional phone services.

You can also use free services available online to place an Australia phone call. Such services include Skype, which is popular for both video and audio calls internationally. A Google account also allows you to dial Australia. While Google voice accounts are free, international calls do have fees. The rates tend to be far more affordable than alternatives. Ensure that your computer has speakers, a microphone, and (if you want video) a working camera.