The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual PBX

Many businesses are fully embracing the digital age, even letting it revolutionize their office phone systems. It is now common for employees to work from home, out in the field, or from entirely different locations. With these changes to the workplace have come new needs for company communications. Businesses of all types are discovering the benefits of a virtual PBX system. If you are unfamiliar with virtual PBX, consider this article a sort of “PBX for dummies” to get you started.

What Is Virtual PBX?

You may wonder: Just what is a VoIP PBX? A virtual PBX VoIP is a digital system that lets you make phone calls using the internet and other local information networks.

Virtual PBX is compatible with traditional phones. It even lets you keep all the features of a traditional phone line, including conference calls, voicemail, and call forwarding. However, it is not limited to one place.

A virtual PBX system lets you integrate traditional phone lines and mobile phones. It can forward calls directly to employees, wherever they are located. These features are provided by a PBX hosting service, which handles the operation and maintenance of the system on behalf of businesses.

How Does a PBX Work?

Another question on many people’s minds is: How does a PBX system work? PBX systems use the latest telecommunications technology. VoIP converts analog phone calls into data, which is sent like any other data (e.g., email) over the internet or another local network.

The process begins with a toll-free or local telephone number assigned to the system. When customers call this number, they are greeted by a customizable digital attendant telling them they have reached your business and helping them find common extensions or departments. The customer is then redirected to the appropriate employee.

PBX systems can be customized to work differently based on your business hours and let customers leave voicemails. A cloud PBX utilizes cloud computing, meaning all data is stored on the internet rather than on one physical device. This lets you access your system from any device connected to the internet.

Why a Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX systems are instrumental to using the latest cloud technologies effectively. They allow customers easier access to the right employees and departments. They also enable employees to access communication easily, regardless of their location. Because the system is not limited to a physical location or dependent on one person to answer, it can decrease customer wait times and increase satisfaction. It can also improve your business’s efficiency.

Is the Cloud Safe?

Often, newcomers wonder whether virtual PBX systems are secure. In fact, cloud computing offers many benefits over traditional data storage. First, because the cloud is not stored on a single device, data cannot be lost, such as in the case of a destroyed hard drive. Cloud technologies and services also encrypt data in numerous ways to ensure privacy and data confidentiality. The convenience and security of cloud computing are two major factors in its increasing use across almost every industry.