The Smartphone and Its Place

The smartphone has dramatically advanced since it first entered the market in 1994. It was something only the most prestigious people could purchase and was treated as a luxury, rather than a necessity. But as the years went on, the BlackBerry was soon replaced by the iPhone, and the potential for technological advancements would change how we go about our daily routine.

With Apple debuting their highly anticipated iPhone 8 and iPhone X this past week, it is clear that smartphones have become more of a necessity. Everyone needs the newest technology, and parents are willing to drop $1000 for their 12 year-old to have the latest and greatest phone just so they can “fit in” or be “cool”. Maybe they have the idea in mind that it will increase their happiness, or maybe they just want to be labeled as having enough money to afford the newest smartphone on the market. How could a handheld device be able to do this for its consumers? How could they persuade their users to purchase something that, in my opinion, seems far too overpriced? Features continue to innovate the market.

Facial recognition is the newest big feature that every smartphone manufacturer will start to adapt. It allows users to unlock their devices via their face, increasing security by an insane amount. Technology companies have also introduced wireless charging platforms, which allow users to take the easy route and throw their phone on a charging station, rather than take the time to untangle chewed-up wires where half the time, the plug does not even work.

Probably the most important feature to any smartphone is its camera. Apple has just created a camera that will give you absolute satisfaction. There is no need to buy a Sony RX10 IV anymore (unless you are a professional photographer) when you can have an almost equal, incredible camera that can do anything and everything. I guess we can get excited to see the majority of users taking selfies while crossing a busy street in New York City!

Apple’s new features will have companies like Samsung and LG trying to replicate their new products off of the Apple iPhone X, just so that they can compete within the market. We are entering a world where smartphone technology is becoming the most important asset, and consumers will do anything they can to get their hands on one.

What is something a smartphone cannot do? You cannot be personable with a client at a meeting with your smartphone. You cannot gain the experience and knowledge needed to run a company, unless you are using Google on it! If you walk into a meeting with a potential client, you need much more than a smartphone to get you that handshake. Yes, having your new iPhone X attached to your belt may impress them, but you need to know how to persuade a potential client on how your skills and expertise will make their lives easier, just like that smartphone has done for you.

The smartphone market has made daily life incredible, but it has also taken away essential skills that only a select few know how to do. People do not know how to be personable; they do not understand the importance of face-to-face conversations. These are the skills that will get you your next paycheck. Your smartphone is only there to help you achieve that.

Story time. You get on the next plane to Italy for a potential client, since your offices are located in the United States. Luckily for you, you can speak Italian fluently, so you do not need to worry about a language barrier. You communicate your ideas and that potential client agrees to work with you. How will you be able to be there at their beck and call? You need to make sure you are constantly communicating and fulfill all of their needs. But, with the offices in the U.S., it may be difficult to do so. You need to show your loyalty to your new client.

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