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Why This is the Perfect Time to Get a Virtual PBX for Your Company

Whether you know it or not, this is the ideal time to step up to a hosted PBX phone system for your business.

Why is this the ideal time? It’s the ideal time because right now, at this very moment, your business is trying to grow.

But it can’t and won’t grow on its own. It needs help. And it needs that help today.

Which brings us back to hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX – also known as virtual PBX or cloud PBX – is a key ingredient for present-tense business growth.

You might not yet be fully acquainted with virtual PBX or appreciate how it can help your business expand. No problem. We on the SendMyCall.com tech team are here to open your eyes (and ears) to this essential tool for growth.

First things first, though.

To communicate with potential and existing customers, you need a business telephone system. A business telephone system typically consists of two or more separate but linked telephone extensions for the phone line people use to call into your company (and your employees use to call out).

The larger your company is, the more extensions you require. Because the extensions are linked, you can do conferencing, forwarding, holding, transferring, and an assortment of other actions with all the calls you get and make.

A private branch exchange (PBX) system is the mechanism that allows you to perform those actions.

A PBX can be either a physical device that you install in an electronics closet somewhere in your office, or it can be a software-based virtual device that exists in a cloud somewhere on the internet. (For the record, SendMyCall.com specializes in the latter – virtual PBX systems.)

Businesses like yours tend to prefer virtual PBX. Understandable. Virtual PBX offers many benefits.

One of the biggest is cost savings. Since hosted PBX is based in the cloud, you aren’t obliged to buy and maintain any hardware.

Nor do you have to replace hardware if it breaks down – as could happen if, for example, the air conditioning system in your windowless office breaks down and the room temperature hits 85.

With virtual PBX, hardware and the responsibility for maintaining it stays with the vendor.

Another important benefit of hosted PBX is its ability to grow as your business grows. Indeed, the cloud PBX you obtain today will still be able to meet your needs when your company is two, five, ten, one-hundred times the size it is now.

The value of this scalability is you can keep adding users to your business phone system without hitting a ceiling that then compels you to scrap the old system and replace it with something else.

There are still more benefits to virtual PBX, and we’ll talk about those next time. For now, the main thing to remember is that hosted PBX helps your business grow – and growth is the name of the game.