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Say Hello to EZphone.systems™, Part of the SendMyCall Family

SendMyCall is the name you know for virtual toll-free phone numbers and free virtual PBX business phone systems. But there’s another name you should also know— EZphone.systems™.

EZphone.systems™ is an extension of SendMyCall. In fact, the same folks who’ve owned SendMyCall since its beginning in 2007 likewise own EZphone.systems™.

Through EZphone.systems™ you can get virtual toll-free phone numbers and free virtual PBX business phone systems, just as you can from SendMyCall.

So what’s the big deal about EZphone.systems™ and why is it important to know this name?

Offer You Unlimited Minutes

EZphone.systems™ picks up where SendMyCall leaves off. And where SendMyCall leaves off is in the area of unlimited minutes for toll-free calling.

In a nutshell, SendMyCall doesn’t offer plans for unlimited minutes.

Yet, many SendMyCall customers have asked many times and in many ways for unlimited plans.

Well, when SendMyCall customers speak, SendMyCall listens.

And thanks to EZphone.systems™, SendMyCall customers now are able to opt for unlimited-minutes plans in conjunction with virtual toll-free phone numbers.

The businesses that get the most value from obtaining virtual toll-free numbers via SendMyCall tend to be medium to large in size. They typically have many employees spread far and wide.

By contrast, the businesses that stand to derive the most benefit from what EZphone.systems™ offers are those small in size with but a few employees. Mainly, they are companies that don’t want the hassle or worry of keeping precise track of the minutes they spend talking with callers who dial in on a toll-free virtual phone number.

But, just like SendMyCall customers, users of EZphone.systems™ want the same virtual telephony features that instantly convey the impression of major-league business status to all callers.

Includes Same Free Virtual PBX

Just as with SendMyCall, every EZphone.systems™ virtual number purchase includes a free virtual PBX business phone system that features call-forwarding, call-holding with music, call-queuing, call-conferencing, time-stamping, voicemail, voicemail-to-email, voice-activated menus, and plenty more.

This free virtual PBX business phone system gives you the means to control every function and feature from wherever in the world you happen to be at any particular moment.

Also, implementing your EZphone.systems™ virtual PBX business phone system requires no special gear. All you need is a landline, mobile phone, or SIP-compatible IP phone.

Indeed, configuring it is a breeze. You do that by perusing a menu of icons representing all the potentially available components, features, and functions, then you drag-and-drop into place the ones you want.

And once you’re done, boom, that’s it—you can immediately use your phone system to transact business with your customers and sales prospects. What could be simpler?

It’s important to note, however, that EZphone.systems™ unlimited calling plans don’t apply everywhere. Visit the EZphone.systems™ website for more details.

Even so, EZphone.systems™ gives you powerful advantages in the highly competitive arenas in which you’re playing to win.

That’s why you need to say hello to EZphone.systems™.