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Can the Economy Get Any Hotter? Yep, So Take Advantage with SendMyCall and EZphone.systems

If you’re still not convinced the economy is vibrant enough to justify starting or expanding a business and supporting it with SendMyCall or EZphone.systems toll-free virtual phone numbers, well, have we got some news for you.

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), small-business owners are exceptionally confident about the economy and their chances of thriving in it.

In fact, the NFIB says business people haven’t been nearly this optimistic about their prospects since 1983.

NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg told reporters June 12 that small business owners are “continuing an 18-month streak of unprecedented optimism which is leading to more hiring and rising wages.”

The NFIB tracks optimism among owners of small businesses by means of a special index. The NFIB said this index in May was up 3 points compared to the month prior. The May reading of this index was 107.8 (only the reading from 1983 was higher).

Economists were surprised by that reading—they thought it would be up, but no higher than 105.2 (it was 104.8 in April).

‘Unstoppable Economy’

About a week-and-a-half before the NFIB report came out, cable business-news network CNBC declared that the “U.S. economy suddenly looks like it's unstoppable.”

CNBC said it came to that conclusion after noting in recent months very strong nonfarm payrolls and a surge in manufacturing and construction activity.

Economists with whom CNBC spoke believe the second quarter of 2018 will show abundant growth. They predict the U.S. economy will expand somewhere between 3.6 percent and 4.8 percent by the end of September.

On top of that, international news service Reuters reported that unemployment in the U.S. dwindled to a remarkable 3.8 percent. It could go lower yet because more jobs are opening up as a result of businesses launching and expanding, Reuters indicated.

The icing on this cake is word from Reuters that workers are taking home more money in their paychecks. The news service said average hourly earnings rose eight cents in May alone.

Contributing to larger paychecks has been last year’s $1.5 trillion in federal income tax cuts, Reuters added. The IRS is taking less of a bite out of salaries and wages, but the tax cuts have also incentivized corporations to issue bonuses to employees, Reuters said.

And what are workers doing with all that extra money? Reuters observed that they’re spending it on products and services of all kinds.

Boom Times

Clearly we’re in boom times. There hasn’t been prosperity like this in a long while. How long will it last? Your guess is as good as that of any highly credentialed economist.

But one thing is sure. Right now is when you should take advantage of the opportunities this heated growth presents.

Capitalizing on the boom will be easier if you tap into the powerful telephony capabilities offered to you by SendMyCall and EZphone.systems.

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Those customers are out there. You know they are because all the economic indicators point to them being out there.

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