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A Hearty Thanksgiving Feast Awaits Many Who’ve Adopted Virtual PBX

Some small-business owners this Thanksgiving will be serving a super-plump turkey with all the trimmings at their family gathering.

Others, sadly, will be serving a much leaner bird.

The reason some tables will be graced with plenty while others won’t has to do with how these owners run their businesses.

Those who look forward to a lavish feast next week found ways earlier in the year to squeeze costs from their operations. One of those ways involved becoming highly cost-efficient.

We’re not in a position to say how many of these business owners achieved cost-efficiency by investing in virtual PBX, but it’s fair to suppose that a sizable percentage of them did.

Because one thing we know for sure: virtual PBX is a technology in which a lot of small businesses have invested, wisely it turns out.

In recognition of Thanksgiving, the SendMyCall.com tech team put together a list of reasons why small-business owners – especially those whose enterprises are still in start-up mode – can count virtual PBX among their blessings.

Here’s just some of what’s on that list.

Virtual PBX saves money because it costs less to own and operate.

There is no hardware with virtual PBX. As a result, you don’t have to buy or lease a box full of circuit boards, chips, and switches. And since there’s no box, there’s nothing to plug into that 220-volt receptacle in the wall or on the floor – meaning, you pay zero for electricity.

Virtual PBX also eliminates a big chunk of your monthly phone bill. Virtual PBX lets you acquire domestic and international toll-free numbers for a ridiculously low sum. (Plus, if you sign up with SendMyCall.com, you get a free state-of-the-art business phone system to go with those virtual numbers.)

The savings don’t stop there. With virtual PBX, you can pay a small, flat monthly fee and make all the long-distance calls you want. The fee fully covers the cost of all that working-of-the-phones by you and your team.

**Virtual PBX means you won’t get it wrong when you today predict tomorrow’s communications needs. **

At some point in the future you’ll need more phone extensions. Virtual PBX let’s you add them on a whim. No long-range planning required. Just tell your virtual PBX provider to give you more. Boom! It’s done.

This makes a lot more economic sense than the old way with traditional, non-virtual PBX. If your forecast was off with regard to future communications needs and you acquired too many extensions, you were stuck. Capital you might have used for other purposes – up to and including buying a fatter Butterball – was tied up. In total contrast, virtual PBX allows you to add or subtract extensions when and only if necessary.

Virtual PBX lets employees use any phone they want.

Landlines, mobile devices, and softphones are fully compatible with virtual PBX systems, and that’s because a virtual PBX system exists in the cloud. So, basically, it’s an app. Consequently, any internet-accessible telephony device can easily connect to it. This is very advantageous in terms of helping employees work more productively because, instead of having to master an unfamiliar new phone supplied by their employer, they can stick with the one they’ve been using every minute of every day for the last year or two or three.

Virtual PBX makes it more feasible to have a dispersed workforce.

Virtual PBX permits you to have employees spread all over the world, yet every one of them reachable via a single common phone line. Virtual PBX also enables them to utilize the full set of telephony features available to users of the business phone system installed in your home office – features like conferencing, forwarding, transferring, holding, recording, logging, and more.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Virtual PBX saves money and contributes to making your business more successful.

If you’re already a virtual PBX user, chances are you’ll finish Thanksgiving dinner more stuffed than the turkey you ate. If you’re not a virtual PBX user, become one – and maybe by this same time next year you’ll be feasting like never before.