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Should you get a SendMyCall virtual number before or after your business expands?

Here’s a chicken-or-egg question for you. Does getting a SendMyCall virtual toll-free number cause your business to grow, or does business growth cause you to get a SendMyCall virtual toll-free number?

It’s a question worth asking. And it’s relevant too, because it seems that a record number of U.S. small businesses are expressing confidence that the time is right for implementing expansion plans.

If this is a great time to expand, then obtaining one or more virtual numbers from SendMyCall will be a smart move. The acquisition of those numbers will support that expansion by allowing you to more easily handle the increased volume of calls certain to come from customers you add in response to your growth efforts.

You might argue that getting a SendMyCall virtual number should wait until after the implemented expansion plans produce actual growth.

Perhaps. However, a counterargument can be made that getting a SendMyCall virtual toll-free number (plus the bonus free cloud PBX phone system that accompanies it) will attract new customers whose demand for your wares drives your company into expansion mode. That very thing happens because toll-free numbers (virtual or actual) make your company appear larger and more professional, which causes prospective customers to see you in a more impressive light and thus be more inclined to do business with you.

Regardless of which argument prevails, the fact is that expansion is on the minds of many small-business owners, according to pollsters with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Their findings were reported in mid-February by Bloomberg News.

That’s great news for you because a rising tide lifts all boats – yours included.

By the NFIB’s reckoning, small-business owners across America haven’t felt this strongly about moving forward with expansion plans since 1986.

Thirty-two percent of small-business owners who responded to the survey said 2018 will be a good time to expand, while 41 percent indicated they expect the economy will improve.

Bloomberg summarized the key findings of the survey:

  • Six of the 10 components that make up the NFIB small-business optimism index increased in January, producing one of the strongest readings in the 45-year history of the survey.
  • The figures show sustained, sturdy business sentiment since the November 2016 election.
  • A measure of plans to boost capital spending in coming months increased by 2 points to 29 percent, consistent with other data indicating robust outlays for equipment.
  • One in five small companies said they plan to boost hiring, unchanged from the prior month, as finding qualified workers remains problematic and underscores a tight job market.
  • 34 percent of NFIB respondents reported job openings in January, up from 31 percent a month earlier.
  • Share of owners raising average selling prices rose to a net 11 percent, the highest since July 2014, from 8 percent.
  • Plans to add to inventories rose to a net 3 percent.

Bloomberg quoted the words of NFIB researchers William Dunkelberg and Holly Wade, who wrote in their survey analysis that the new tax law “produced the most recent boost to small-business optimism. And federal government-related cost pressures continue to abate, offering a more supportive business climate for small firms.”

This is all great news. What it means is that you should get a SendMyCall virtual toll-free number whether you want to spark growth or keep pace with it.