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You Can Tell the Economy is Growing Because More Companies are Getting Virtual Toll-Free Numbers These Days

There are many ways to tell if the economy is growing.

You’ve got the gross domestic product report. You’ve got labor-force participation rates. You’ve got housing starts. Manufacturing output. Stock market performance. Tax receipts. On and on it goes.

But one indicator that doesn’t make the headlines is economic expansion measured by how many businesses are requesting virtual toll-free telephone numbers.

Here at SendMyCall, we’ve seen orders for virtual numbers increase dramatically since early 2017.

We make a practice of never disclosing hard numbers, but suffice it to say the volume of inquiries we’ve fielded for our virtual numbers has easily doubled.

That’s a sure sign of a growing economy because really about the only time you see demand for virtual toll-free numbers skyrocket like this is when businesses are being started and when businesses are expanding—events that usually require a backdrop of good financial times or, at the very least, people feeling upbeat about the future.

It’s interesting to point out that at SendMyCall a lot of the demand for virtual toll-free numbers has come from travel agents, retailers, graphic designers, programmers, consultants, and social media specialists. The thing they all have in common is a heavy reliance on telephones for interactions with their customers.

Here’s something else that’s interesting. We provide virtual toll-free numbers in many countries around the world, but the demand has been most keenly felt here in the U.S.

What that tells us at SendMyCall is domestic toll-free numbers are a hot commodity because American customers more and more have money in their wallets, purses, and bank accounts. This wasn’t so much the case just a year or two ago. But it certainly is now and that’s because the economy is roaring back to life.

What businesses understand about virtual toll-free numbers (and this is why they so eagerly want them in response to a rising economy) is that their customers can call in from anywhere and pay nothing for the call. Customers who don’t pay for calls are customers who are heard from much more often. Customers who call more often are customers who can be sold things more often.

So, the way we interpret current developments, demand for virtual toll-free numbers should remain high for a long time to come.

Of course, we can’t make a prediction like that based just on our own sales figures. For that, we have to look at the same trend lines all the economists consider. From the looks of those trend lines, there’s plenty of optimism across America—and that optimism should remain abundant into the foreseeable future.

Many business owners have come to the conclusion that this is a great time to launch or expand. We’re convinced they’re right about that. We want them to know we’ve got all the toll-free virtual phone numbers they’ll need to do well in these boom times.