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How SendMyCall Makes Operating a Call Center Easy, Affordable

People often stop me on the street and say, “Hey, aren’t you that guy who’s always talking about virtual toll-free phone numbers and the no-cost cloud-based PBX business phone system you get as a bonus from SendMyCall? What, exactly, can you do with those?”

It’s not an unreasonable string of questions, so I’m always happy to give a reasonable string of answers.

One of the answers I routinely give is that you can use SendMyCall to go into business for yourself and potentially make a lot of money.

I tell these inquirers that a great business they can build around the virtual toll-free phone numbers available from SendMyCall is a for-hire call center.

Their eyes usually at this point grow wide with interest, and they want to know more. So I open up to them.

I start by explaining that a for-hire call center is like any other call center, except its services are provided to client companies.

Its purpose is to receive incoming calls from those client companies’ existing and new or prospective customers seeking information, assistance with a problem, or to place an order for a product or service.

These incoming calls are answered by one or more call-center agents.

A call center based on SendMyCall’s virtual telephony offerings can be set up in a private home or a commercial office building.

However, none of the agents need actually be there. Instead, they can be scattered throughout the world, working from their own homes or while relaxing at the beach or even while skydiving – all they need is a mobile device and a reliable signal.

As I continue telling the inquisitive about SendMyCall-supported call centers, I point out that these ventures are perfect for entrepreneurs who like to fly solo. The only thing is you have to be a person who likes helping others over the phone. Ditto for anyone additional you bring on as an agent.

I also caution them that they should create a call center that relates to business or professional activities they know or like. For example, if your background is in automotive repair, then a call center created to support businesses that pertain to cars and trucks would very likely be right up your alley. On the other hand, you might well be out of your league running a call center for home healthcare companies catering to ostomy or diabetic patients.

And, of course, the right core equipment is a must. Needed are:

  • An up-to-date computer.
  • High-speed internet access.
  • A headset with an attached microphone (because you’ll quickly appreciate the freedom and comfort of writing or typing without having to cradle a phone or handset between your neck and shoulder all day).
  • One or more virtual phone numbers (the toll-free variety is the best because callers love that they can call in without charge from lots of places around the world).
  • A PBX business phone system (the one you get free from SendMyCall is the virtual type, fully featured with call-forwarding, call-holding, conferencing, recording, queuing, voicemail, transcriptions, calls-to-email, recorded greetings, on-hold music, and much more).

The final ingredient is clients. I let people know they can serve clients locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally if they have a SendMyCall-based call center.

The businesses that will be most interested in utilizing your call center are those that don’t want the fuss, muss, or expense of operating a call center of their own. You’ll be amazed at how many enterprises—large and small—prefer to farm out.

And the really good news for you? Starting your own call center is easy and relatively inexpensive.

Look into it, I tell the people who stop me on the street. Look into it, and it could turn out to be the greatest opportunity of your lifetime.