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SendMyCall Believes Working Remotely Makes You More Productive, Happier—And Recent Studies Prove It

Self-employed people are the happiest workers of all, according to a new academic study.

But whether their happiness comes at least in part from having SendMyCall toll-free virtual phone numbers and a free cloud-based PBX business phone system wasn’t mentioned in the study.

That’s unfortunate because, had the researchers looked into it, they almost surely would have discovered that SendMyCall makes the self-employed extremely happy by providing them an easy yet sophisticated and cost-effective way to connect with customers all over the world.

The study was conducted jointly by researchers from the University of Exeter Business School and the University of Sheffield, both located in England. Leading the investigation were professors Peter Warr and Ilke Inceoglu.

The researchers collected job-satisfaction data on more than 5,000 workers in Great Britain as well as in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. The workers came from the worlds of retail, finance, insurance, health, education, real estate, management services, and others.

The study’s subjects were grouped into four categories. They were classified as workers who either:

  1. Run the show;
  2. Serve as mid-level managers;
  3. Supervise;
  4. Or are low-level employees.

The researchers found that self-employed workers (who, by definition, fall into the “run the show” category”) tend to most love their jobs.

They were found to work harder, longer, and in a much more highly engaged manner than anyone else. Also, they strive more earnestly to meet higher standards and tend to be more innovative, according to the study.

The reason they do all of that should be instantly obvious. Self-employed people have the highest stake of all workers in the job they do.

If you are your own boss and fail to sell the offered product or you blow a deadline or you screw up a fulfillment commitment, the blame is yours alone. To prevent that from happening you have to work extra hard. You have to be on top of things at all times. There’s no margin for error.

And that’s why so many self-employed people turn to SendMyCall for the support they need when it comes to communicating by phone with current and prospective customers.

The title of the two universities’ joint study is “Work Orientations, Well-Being and Job Content of Self-Employed and Employed Professionals.” It was recently published in the journal Work, Employment and Society.

The findings of this research were echoed in a separate study conducted by Cardiff University School of Social Sciences in Wales.

In this second study, the researchers surveyed some 15,000 workers over a span of about 15 years. Specifically, they found that employees who work remotely—from home, in other words—are usually more productive than those who do not.

That’s the position SendMyCall has held from the very beginning.

However, we know that the mere fact of someone working from home is not what makes him or her more productive. It’s working from home plus having the necessary tools to support high-level industriousness.

The tools available from SendMyCall are about the finest you can get to support working remotely. Go here for a look at them.