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Just Bought a Virtual Toll-Free Phone Number? Be Sure To Employ Proper Business Phone Etiquette When You Use It

When you purchase from SendMyCall one or more virtual toll-free phone numbers (and get as a free bonus our state-of-the-art cloud PBX business phone system), you gain a tremendous amount of telecommunications power.

Use this power wisely. One way to ensure that you do so is to make a practice of obeying the rules of business telephone etiquette.

Good etiquette on the phone will help you entice callers to buy your products and services.

If you’re too busy to familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of telephone etiquette, then just follow the Golden Rule.

You, of course, remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

That means everyone on your team who is connected to your SendMyCall virtual PBX business phone system should behave on incoming calls the way they would like callers to behave – politely.

But there’s more to business telephone etiquette than the general admonition to be nice. Here is a sampling of the rules:

Don’t answer an incoming call on the first ring, but also don’t let it ring more than three times.

The reason for not picking up on the first ring is that callers never expect you will. It comes as a surprise when you do. As a result, they may feel unprepared to speak and could stumble over their words, which might cause them to feel bad about their encounter with you, which might in turn cause them to prematurely hang up before you’ve had a chance to close the sale.

The reason for not letting the phone ring four or more times before you answer is it makes people feel like you don’t value their call. Answering promptly – at ring two or three – says you want to talk to them. This will help callers feel more like doing business with you.

Focus on the call. Engage in no other activities while talking. If you’re preoccupied with a task while you converse, callers may feel as if you’re not really paying attention to them and don’t care whether they buy from you.

True story. Upon calling a company to talk business with the head guy, I heard pots and pans banging in the near background. That made it sound like I’d caught him in the middle of preparing his lunch. This conjured in my head images of him speaking to me from a cramped, low-rent, fifth-floor walkup while toiling over an electric hot plate. I surmised that this company was a struggling one-man shop, not the large, well-established, professional organization with which I assumed I’d be dealing. I wasn’t too keen about doing business with this company from that moment forward.

If you must engage in another activity during a call, ask the caller if you can phone him or her back in a few minutes. If the caller agrees, hang up and complete whatever task is preoccupying you, then call back immediately.

There is, however, a risk that you’ll lose the customer to a rival in the minutes between the time you hang up and call back. So, the better way to handle this situation is to utilize your SendMyCall virtual PBX business phone system’s call-holding capability. It’ll allow you to keep the caller on the line, which will discourage him or her from hanging up and taking his or her business elsewhere.

As noted earlier, there are quite a few rules of business phone etiquette. So many, in fact, that this overview needs one more post to cover them adequately. Please come back to read Part 2.

Ooh. Did you see what I did there? I employed good blogging etiquette by ending this post in a positive way and inviting you to return for more insights – there’s a similar rule for ending business phone calls, and we’ll discuss it in the upcoming installment.