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Young Companies Thrive, Survive with Virtual Toll-Free Numbers

Count the ways a young company can fail in its first few years. I tried, and almost immediately ran out of fingers and toes with which to add up all the possible paths leading to ruin.

My point is a business in its initial stages is vulnerable to many potential causes of collapse. However, the particular cause of failure I want to call to your attention today is lack of stature.

Lack of stature is what you have when a business first launches. For the first months or years, it’s basically just a blank slate.

Being a blank slate means the company is an unknown quantity. Is it a strong and growing enterprise deserving of customer trust, or is it simply a clown show run by people who haven’t a clue how to produce a quality product or service and deliver it in a timely manner?

It’s impossible to say because the company has no history, no industry reputation, no stature. Understandably, then, a sizable percentage of potential customers will be reluctant to do business with an outfit that lacks stature.

This reluctance makes it hard for the company to generate income at a time when income generation is critically important.

This situation is one in which many young companies find themselves enmeshed.

Fortunately, there is a strategy you can adopt to overcome this problem if your own company is still a blank slate.

Let me describe it to you. First, though, for the sake of illustration, let’s say your company sells widgets. Not widgets that you plug into a webpage to enhance online services. I’m talking about good old fashioned mechanical widgets that are manufactured in a factory somewhere (OK, I know, there’s no such thing as mechanical widgets, but since they’re the internationally accepted standard for a generic product used to illustrate examples like this one, just run with it).

So, where was I? Oh, yes, you’re a new business that sells widgets. If a potential customer has a choice between buying widgets from an unknown entity like yours at $1 apiece, or buying them at the same price from the company down the street that has an established name, reputation and stature, the customer is almost sure to choose that other guy over you.

But you can solve this problem by making your company appear to be established, reputable, and successful.

How? Easy. Obtain either a toll-free telephone number or a toll-free virtual number.

From then on, when a new prospective customer picks up the phone and calls you on your toll-free number, he or she will assume your company is a prestigious, successful company. He or she will think that because, as everyone knows, only large and thriving businesses need and can afford toll-free numbers.

The thing is, however, that you don’t have to actually be a large and thriving business to have a toll-free number or toll-free virtual number.

You can acquire one, two, or as many as you want from SendMyCall.com. And, as you’ll discover, a virtual toll-free number from SendMyCall is very affordable. In fact, the cost is so low that you almost can’t afford not to get a toll-free number.

Oh, and by the way. If you obtain either a local or toll-free virtual phone number from SendMyCall, you’ll receive in exchange a feature-rich, state-of-the-art business phone system, absolutely free.

So, while right now you might just be a one-person shop, you can easily and immediately acquire the ability to put forth the kind of highly professional image that you’d expect to see coming from a much larger and more surer-footed organization.

This is why toll-free numbers and toll-free virtual numbers make for such a high-value strategy when it comes to helping a young company survive and thrive during its early years.