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Obtaining a Virtual Phone Number Is Easier Than You Think

You’ve made the decision to get a virtual phone number. Good for you. That’s one of the smartest decisions you can possibly make for your young business.

But, now, having made the decision, you’re no doubt wondering how to go about obtaining that virtual number.

You’ll be delighted to learn that it’s easy – perhaps even easier than you thought possible.

First, choose a virtual number provider. (Hint, hint: choose it from SendMyCall.com).

Then, follow the provider’s instructions. (Bonus hint: SendMyCall’s instructions are so simple you can practically be in the middle of a nap while following them).

And it doesn’t matter which of the three principal types of phone service you’re currently using.

Just for the record, the first of those three types is traditional telephony, which includes both landline and mobile service. Then there’s VoIP (which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and basically means calls travel using the worldwide web rather than cables or cellular signals). Finally, you have the private branch exchange (PBX) type of system.

So, as we said, following SendMyCall’s virtual number sign-up instructions are remarkably simple. Here’s all that’s involved:

Step One. Select the country and city you want as the location for your virtual number.

Step Two. Choose how you want to accept calls – on a land line or a cell phone, via simple call-forwarding from the virtual number to that traditional technology or to your VoIP destination (if you have your own server) or to SendMyCall’s incredibly feature-rich virtual PBX business phone system (which is offered to you free when you purchase your virtual numbers from us).

Step Three. Indicate the number of months in the year that you want to use your virtual number (we give you a discount if you opt for a billing cycle of at least three months – in fact, the longer the billing cycle you take, the higher the discount you receive).

Step Four. Click “continue” to see your order summary. If everything looks to be in order, click again to lock it all in.

And, boom, you’re done. Was that easy, or what?

Now, here’s what you’ll do if you have a PBX system. Same as before, plus:

  • Log into SendMyCall.com
  • Click the “Launch VPBX” button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Those instructions will guide you through the similarly easy steps of configuring what’s known as virtual PBX – a cloud-based software replacement for your hardware-bound physical PBX phone system.

The configuring is performed with drag-and-drop objects, and you already know how easy everything is when all you have to do is use your mouse to grab things and pull them from one side of the screen to the other.

The reason SendMyCall has made the process of obtaining a virtual number so easy regardless of which type of phone service you use is that we know how vital it is for you to possess affordable, highest-quality, state-of-the-art communications services.

A virtual phone number is one such communication service. We think our offering in that space just happens to be the best.