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5 Predictions About What Will Happen to Your Small Business in 2018

The year ahead is shaping up to be a big one for American business. Congress this week cut the corporate tax rate and, in response, big companies announced plans to go on a growth binge.

Thanks to the rate roll-back, corporations will in 2018 be sending smaller checks to Uncle Sam. That’s going to free up tons of capital to invest in new products, new markets, new employees, new everything.

Small businesses will benefit from those investments. When big companies spend, that creates opportunities for small businesses to provide products and services needed to support the giants’ growth plans.

It also fires up the economy in general, creating an environment perfect for the launching of small businesses that have nothing to do with helping big companies expand.

So, with that in mind, SendMyCall’s top-notch team of forward-thinkers has peered ahead into the mists of the future to see what 2018 might have in store for you as a small-business owner.

Here are our predictions.

1. You’ll hire more people, but they’ll be based in distant cities, states, and/or countries.

You’ll be hiring because you’ll be growing. However, you’ll find that it makes more economic sense to put your new workers in virtual offices rather than deploy them in physical offices.

2. The more people you hire to work for you remotely, the more you’ll need to acquire virtual phone numbers.

Virtual offices are successful only if they’re set up for maximum flexibility, mobility, and cost-effectiveness. You check all three of those boxes by acquiring virtual phone numbers or, better yet (from your customers’ point of view), virtual toll-free numbers.

3. You’ll move most or all of your operations to the cloud.

The cloud is a terrific place from which to do business, especially if you’re a startup. The reason is it costs very little to plug into the cloud. Once you get there, you can easily collaborate with others, be super flexible, and gain an incredible degree of mobility.

We should point out that the virtual PBX service available from SendMyCall is itself based in the cloud (which, btw, is why you’ll often hear us refer to that service as cloud PBX or even as hosted PBX).

4. Business growth means your incoming calls will increase.

As a result, you’ll have a growing need for phone technology that permits smooth – and always successful – call forwarding. The SendMyCall virtual PBX business phone system you receive free of charge when you purchase virtual numbers and virtual toll-free numbers from us is engineered to let you forward incoming calls with ease (plus perform an array of other vital tasks, like initiate conference calls, send calls to voice-mail, translate voice messages to text, put incoming calls on hold, and much more).

5. You’re going to be more dependent than ever on your phones.

More of the business you do in 2018 will be conducted by phone. As a matter of fact, the younger your company is, the more you already rely on telephony to do business (a startup typically uses the phone for about two-thirds of the work it performs – this includes not just sales and marketing activities, but also activities related to research-and-development, human relations, accounting, and general administration).

So, if you’re going to be more dependent on your phones during the year ahead, it will pay huge dividends to make sure the business phone system you use and the virtual numbers associated with it are the finest available. We can safely predict you’ll agree that the finest come from SendMyCall.com.