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Great Customer Service Begins With Great Virtual PBX

To have a successful business you need a number of things. Great customer service is one of them.

Survey after survey demonstrates that great customer service is vitally important because it creates loyal customers.

Great customer service is crucial too because it creates customers who’ll tell their friends and business associates about you and encourage them to also become customers.

There are many ways you can provide great customer service. But however you go about it, the goal is always the same: to make your customers will feel valued. The technology, services, and support available from SendMyCall help you do exactly that.

Here are some of the key elements of great customer service, and an explanation of how SendMyCall makes it possible for you to provide it.

Great customer service requires that your people be accessible. With a SendMyCall virtual PBX business phone system, people who call your company will always be able to reach the person dialed, or his or her voicemail, or someone else in your organization to whom the call can be forwarded – and it won’t matter from where in the world the call comes or to where on earth you route it.

(You receive this business phone system free when you obtain one or more virtual numbers or virtual toll-free numbers from SendMyCall.)

Excellent customer service means you have to actually be able to take care of issues that arise. Suppose your customer calls to tell you about a problem she’s experiencing with the widget you sold her last month. You realize she should be speaking not to you but to someone on your tech team. Hooray for SendMyCall’s call-forwarding capability. With it, you can be assured that every time you pass the ball to another teammate, it’ll be caught and never fumbled.

Outstanding customer service requires you to be able to listen to your customer. That can’t happen unless you’re using telephone technology that delivers crystal-clear sound. And it needs to be sharp whether you’re conversing on a landline, a cell phone, or a VoIP device. SendMyCall is known for making sure that what you hear is always the crispest voice possible.

Top-notch customer service requires that you be responsive to incoming calls. A speedy reply to a customer’s question or complaint is super-important, which is why you should be relying on SendMyCall’s virtual PBX technology. You already know that SendMyCall permits call-forwarding. But SendMyCall also makes it possible to easily do conferencing, transfers to voice-mail, message transcribing, email alerting, and much more. All of these SendMyCall features help you respond with incredible speed when customers call.

First-rate customer service is impossible without a staff trained to field incoming calls. One element of that training must be how to properly operate the phones. A huge advantage of SendMyCall telephony is that it allows your people to connect to your headquarters via whatever personal phone equipment they’re most comfortable using.

For example, Joe, the guy you hired last week and who lives a thousand miles away, has an iPhone he bought two years ago. He loves that phone. He’s owned it long enough that now he can do an impressive number of tricks with it. Since SendMyCall will let him continue using that iPhone, there’s no need to make him convert to, say, your company-issued Samsung Galaxy and force him to stumble his way through a potentially lengthy learning curve.

The point of all this is that great customer service doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work. And it takes the right technology – the type available from SendMyCall.